TheTruthAboutPolice.com™ was created to offer a voice to law enforcement officers who often are not able to speak for themselves, and to set the record straight on runaway stories that frequently become politicized and distorted by mainstream media and overtly anti-police commentators. We are a watchdog group committed to promoting the real facts about law enforcement, especially when high-profile stories involving our nation’s law enforcement break.

Too often, media and activists drive the coverage of controversial incidents involving law enforcement, while rank-and-file police officers have to remain silent.

Although this website is devoted to advancing the concepts of law and order (or, ordered liberty), it is not a hagiographic website devoted to defending police and law enforcement in all instances. Police make mistakes and act unlawfully, just like other segments of security. When this occurs, we stand ready to address and discuss where police have gone wrong or done wrong.

While the vast majority of law enforcement officers perform their jobs with integrity and professionalism, we recognize that, as in any profession, there are bad actors, and in addition to presenting law enforcement’s perspective on emerging issues, TheTruthAboutPolice.com™ is committed to exposing and rooting out abuse wherever it is found. Getting to the facts and counteracting misreporting is our central focus.

When the public and the media jump to conclusions and distort stories, they do tremendous damage to efforts to keep Americans safe – whether that means eroding the right of Americans to protect themselves, or criticizing/vilifying policies that prevent law enforcement from effectively doing its job.

We set emotion aside and stick to the truth. The result will be a safer America for all of us – the public and our police officers