Category: Racial Issues

By TAMMY WEBBER and MORRY GASH Associated Press (08/24)

KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin’s governor summoned the National Guard for fear of another round of violent protests Monday after the police shooting of a Black man turned Kenosha into the nation’s latest flashpoint city in a summer of racial unrest.

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By MARK SCOLFORO Associated Press (08/21)

Pittsburgh’s mayor on Friday put new limits on dispatching police to civil protests, halted the practice of having plainclothes officers in unmarked cars jump out and arrest people and ordered officers to stop wearing camouflage at protests.

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Associated Press (08/16)

CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot praised city police Sunday for “fairly quickly” settling weekend protests that devolved into violent skirmishes while activists and other elected officials blasted police for unnecessary aggressive tactics.

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