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By KEN RITTER ,  Associated Press LAS VEGAS (AP) 09/30 — Police acted appropriately and professionally detaining Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett when he ran from a casino as officers searched for an active shooter following a report of gunfire at an after-hours club on the Las Vegas Strip,Read more »

JULIET LINDERMAN, Associated Press BALTIMORE (AP) 08/08 — The Baltimore Police Department is having a tough time restoring public confidence in the troubled agency.

The city is on pace to break its decades-old murder record and the body camera program that was rolled out to increase transparency has fueled allegations of misconduct after a pair of problematic videos recently surfaced.

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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) 07/26 — Minneapolis officials plan to announce changes Wednesday to the police department’s policy on body cameras following this month’s killing of an unarmed Australian woman who was shot by a police officer after she called 911.

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